Pro Tips to Prolong the Life of your Electric Bike Battery

The battery is the true secret of your electric bike, as every component of your electric bike is powered by batteries, which fuel your most memorable rides and amazing experiences. It is no surprise that these are among the most crucial parts of your electric bike, which is why keeping its battery in good condition is crucial. Moreover, visit the website to see and buy electric bikes with optimized batteries.

Top 7 Recommendations to Prolong the Life of your Electric Bike Battery

Check out this battery health advice to have the benefits of your electric bike for many years, whether you’re considering buying one or are a seasoned rider.

1. Sparky, hold it up!

The charger should be plugged into the wall only after being first connected to its battery for safe charging. It helps establish a solid link before a charge is generated and avoids arcing. Hence, it’s entirely up to you to charge any batteries on or off the bike.

Finish it off

You should mostly charge your electric bike when you are near to go for a ride. Never charge a rider right away! Before charging, give the battery thirty minutes to go easy. Always remember to check your LCD’s voltage before you leave.

Remember to set it

Always use a timer as a reminder to disconnect the battery. Also, you may use a timer with your smartphone or purchase a special timer from a hardware shop. Your battery is fully charged when the red light turns green on the charger, so you must disconnect it at this point. Furthermore, remove the charger first from the power outlet and then remove it from the battery.

Charge the battery in a favourable environment

Charge your battery in a clean, dry, and comfortable place. Always try to charge in a clean and dry environment. Messy garages cause many home accidents, so if this is the case, it could be time for some seasonal cleaning or to charge the batteries somewhere less congested.

Sleeping in

Proper charging is even necessary if you are not riding throughout the winter. When storing, keep the charge around 50% of its capacity. Moreover, the battery gradually self-discharges if you don’t ride for sixty days or more. Therefore, look over its charge frequently and top it out as necessary.

Travel safely

Remember to disconnect the battery from its chassis when shifting it to the truck bed or rack using the key. Electric bikes make excellent travel companions. If it’s predicted to rain, use a water-resistant envelope when transporting your model because water can harm its electrical parts.

The Eighty Over Twenty rule

The ideal voltage range for your battery is between 20 and 80 per cent. Before charging, determine where your battery sits on the percentage versus voltage chart. To consistently receive an accurate reading of how much power you are recharging your battery, investigate the charge on your LCD or may use the battery voltage monitor.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to take good care of your batteries to show affection for your electric bike. Your battery will thank you in return by having a longer life and more riding miles! So, make the most of your ride by following these helpful suggestions to prevent range loss.



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