Parcel Mailing Bags in Ecommerce:Benefits and Uses

Poly mailers have become standard shipping containers thanks to the proliferation of online shopping. Parcel mailing bags are the go-to for companies of all sizes, from Amazon to garage operations.

Online retailers are often on the lookout for methods to cut delivery expenses. However, if your delivery costs are too high, your client acquisition costs will never be worth it. Online retailers no longer resort to simply using cardboard boxes for delivery purposes.

Shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and clothing are typically packaged in plastic mailers since they provide little breakage risk to the recipient. So, let’s talk about the value of package shipping bags today.

What Are Poly Mailers?

Products are shipped in poly mailers, which are lightweight plastic bags. Because of their built-in sealing mechanisms, most don’t need additional glue. They are available in a range of sizes, from miniature to jumbo. They come in various colors:gray, blue, white, and pink.

Why Mailing Bags Are Better Than Cardboard Boxes

Even though cardboard boxes are widely used in the shipping sector, they are optional for transporting all items. Using cardboard boxes for shipment means spending more money on packing tape and void fillers. A parcel mailing bag is preferable to using cardboard for shipping for several reasons, including:

Reduced Delivery Costs

Cardboard boxes made from corrugated cardboard are inexpensive and durable. They are excellent packaging materials. But custom mailing bags do both, protecting your items in transit while keeping your costs down.

Using a parcel bag can save money on delivery by reducing the package’s overall dimensions. Because of how light plastic mailing bags are, packages may be sent with minimal weight. Because of the cheap delivery costs, you may save money by shipping many products together.

Save on Packing Materials

Reduced packing materials needs are another factor. Shipping items in cardboard boxes necessitates using void fillers, bubble wrap, and packing tape. This is the raw stuff. Nothing more than a plastic postal bag and postage is required when sending something through the mail.

Bags like this typically have built-in seals. Investing in high-quality bubble mailers means you won’t have to spend extra money on bubble wrap or packing paper.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Some businesses may be hesitant because of the prevalence of plastic in packaging. Most companies nowadays prefer environmentally friendly alternatives.

Plastic postal bags that can be recycled are commercially available. Various sizes and colors of recyclable, environmentally friendly plastic mailing bags are available from wholesale packaging providers like Well pack Europe.

What Goods May Be Shipped In Poly Mailers?

Poly mailing bags are ideal for fragile items damaged by a drop or knock. They are not suitable for eyewear, glassware, edibles, etc., that are easily broken. Most commonly, people use poly mailers to send:


Clothes are tough to crush. Most clothing may be safely shipped in mailing bags, except couture dresses with extensive mirror work or other embellishments. You may send everything from trousers to t-shirts to gowns to shoes.

Fabric-Based Items

Towels, bedsheets, and pillows are just as suitable for shipping in poly mailers as clothing and shoes. Poly mailers may be used to ship books and specific home furnishings. Make sure they get simple repairs.



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